Posted by: Roby Robertson | November 14, 2007

Lake Norman Real Estate|Creative Ways to Sell Your Home

Lake Norman Real Estate, Stuck on the market with no sale?

Get creative!If your home has been on the market for a while and you’ve tried everything you can think of to get it sold, you may have to dig a little deeper. There are people out there who would love your home – the tricky part is getting them in the door and finding creative ways to convince them.A good idea to sell your home is to put together a benefits list, focusing on all the good points offered by your neighborhood and the house. Leave them in the kitchen during open houses or ask your Lake Norman Agent to distribute them with other property information.Another creative idea is to put water and a package of yeast in a warm oven (about 200 degrees) during an open house. It will create the aroma of warm bread, and you can be sure that comforting scent will stay with whoever has toured your home.

See the information on Staging your home.

Contact Your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 for more information on how to sell your home fast.

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