Posted by: Roby Robertson | December 6, 2007

Lake Norman Real Estate;Home-Seller Renovation Tips: Part Two

List up Lake Norman and Charlotte;Renovation that will hurt your resale!

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you might also be planning some renovations to boost the overall value of your property. But be careful, not every improvement will help. In fact, some renovations can even hurt you in the eyes of homebuyers. So as you are preparing your home for today’s competitive market, think twice about the following upgrade:


You’ve thought about how that great room and master bedroom wing will let the family spread out. But what you probably haven’t considered is what the space will look like from the outside. Poorly designed additions can hurt your resale value.

If you’re considering some home improvements prior to putting your home on the market, contact a Real Living agent. He or she can help you decide which renovations will turn into a higher resale value. For more home-buying and selling tips, visit our Tools and References page on today!

Contact Your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 for more valuable information! 


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