Posted by: Roby Robertson | December 12, 2007

Things To Know Before You Jump Into Lake Norman, NC Living

Facts about Lake Norman, North Carolina

Not all Waterfront Lots can have piers.

In newer subsivisions, you must have at least 75 feet of shoreline. A representative of Duke Energy must approve all piers and docks. There are restrictions on the square footage of your dock, the length and how far into a cove your dock can extend. Give me a call for more information on the restrictions.

You Boat May Be Too Tall

If you own a large power boat or a sailboat, it should be important to know th clearance of bridges around Lake Norman. Below are some measurements(at full pond)

Perth Road 5’3”
Kale Road 5’6”
Cornelius 4’0”
Mount Pleasant 5’5”
150 @ Mountain Creek 5’9”
150 @ Reed Creek 5’9”
Williamson Road 6’0”
For a navigational chart of Lake Norman call Roby Robertson.

Where is Your Waterfront Property Line? It is NOT ALWAYS at the Shoreline.

Surveys are important in every real estate transaction. Encroachments, easements,existing well and septic tanks could interfere with your plans. It is recommended that you always review a sruvey before closing. If your property is at the 760 degree elevation, Dule Energy publishes a Shoreline Management Booklet that is very helpful. Give me a call and I will be glad to help.

Will You Have Water in Winter?

If you are buying waterfront property, do you know how deep the water is? Do you have ‘year’ round water? The water level fluctuates depending on weather and generation needs. Duke Energy manages the level and has a list of monthly averages. Contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 and I will be happy to supply you with the monthly depth chart. You can also call 1-800-829-5253 to obtain the current levels.


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