Posted by: Roby Robertson | January 28, 2008

Lake Norman is Drying up, The sky is falling, We are all doomed!

Your Lake Norman Agent says NOT!

What effect does the media have on our day to day lives?  Have you been listing to all the Decision 2008 experts.  WOW,  we get inundated with news and opinion(some good, some bad). How much of the current real estate market is affected by what we read and see on TV.

Well, Don’t believe all you hear and see.  The media very rarely tells what percentage of homes with subprime loans are making on-time payments.  What is the actual percentage of foreclosures when compared to homes in good standing. You don’t hear those numbers.  Can people still get loans?  Absolutely.  Do you hear that?  Nope, all you hear is the opposite.  I am hear to tell you that loans are out there. FHA has some great products.  I don’t begin to say that I am the expert on lending products but I believe there are obtainable loan products. Check with your chosen lender so they can guide you!  If you don’t have one, ask me, I know some good ones and are also trustworthy and take the time to educate you on the products and costs!

Also, while the media is trying to create hysteria about the housing market, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) has decided to respond with a new website — You will see the positive aspects of the current real estate market.  Visit this site to see things like Long Term Investment Statistics, the value of REALTORS and some facts on financing.

The fact is that the state of the housing and real estate market is cyclical. During each cycle there are ups and there are downs. Good and bad can be found in both. 

The fact is, the housing market is not crashing down around us. You can look at things as glass half full or glass half empty.  I choose the former. 

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