Posted by: Roby Robertson | February 10, 2008

Buying a home around Charlotte or Lake Norman, Do you need an agent?

Although I am a Lake Norman and Charlotte Real Estate Broker, I have not been one all my life and I can tell you the answer is a resounding yes!

Years ago my wife and I bought a home that we were shown by the listing agent.  This home was new construction. In all of it’s marketing there were pictures of a nice stainless steel refrigerator.  An assumption we made; because it was in the home when we saw it and pictures of the interior showed this appliance, it was apart of our deal.  Much to our surprise, we closed and it was not in the home.  Had I had a buyers agent, I doubt this would have happened.  Even though the pictures showed it, nowhere was it advertised.  I was told caveat emptor…Buyer beware

Whether your dealing with the new construction or a resale.  the listing agent or the in-house sales rep, REPRESENTS the seller.  Anything you tell them about your motivation, finances etc. are communicated to the seller.  Going to open houses?  Be sure to keep your true feelings and motivation to yourself.  Get yourself a buyers agent to help you negotiate and make sure your protected.

Did you know that the buyer has the liability if anything happens during the inspection?  Your buyer agent will know inspectors that are covered with liability insurance.  Do you know what is appropriate to ask for repairs?  Your buyer agent will help you through the process.  Are you sure your getting the best deal with a lender?  I could go on.

Always consider  finding a good agent to take the worry out of the process.  Make sure they cover the offer to purchase contract.  If they don’t know it like the back of their hands, find someone that does. 

Contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 for all the help you will need.


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