Posted by: Roby Robertson | February 25, 2008

What is Lake Norman’s Weather Like?

What is the weather like in the Lake Norman Area?

In a word: Beautiful! One of the things people want to know is: What’s it like in Lake Norman in the summer? Well, its hot and sunny! But, the average isn’t all that much different than other places, even in the north, when you look at the statistics:

Month Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 48°F 26°F 37°F 4.02 in. 78°F (2002) -6°F (1985)
Feb 53°F 28°F 41°F 3.63 in. 79°F (1996) 3°F (1996)
Mar 61°F 37°F 49°F 4.50 in. 87°F (1985) 8°F (1993)
Apr 70°F 44°F 57°F 3.70 in. 90°F (2002) 22°F (1985)
May 77°F 54°F 66°F 3.37 in. 94°F (1996) 30°F (1989)
Jun 84°F 62°F 73°F 3.64 in. 97°F (1986) 42°F (1984)
Jul 88°F 67°F 77°F 3.08 in. 101°F (1986) 47°F (1988)
Aug 86°F 65°F 76°F 3.81 in. 104°F (1983) 45°F (1986)
Sep 80°F 58°F 69°F 3.90 in. 96°F (1990) 36°F (1983)
Oct 70°F 44°F 58°F 3.41 in. 92°F (1986) 25°F (1987)
Nov 61°F 36°F 49°F 3.21 in. 82°F (2004) 16°F (1991)
Dec 51°F 28°F 40°F 3.08 in. 77°F (1998) 2°F (1983)
         Lake Norman, NC (28115) Weather Facts
  • On average, the warmest month is July.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 104°F in 1983.
  • On average, the coolest month is January.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -6°F in 1985.
  • The maximum average precipitation occurs in March.

Sometimes the humidity gets high. July and August are the hottest, most humid months. Everything is air conditioned here, so it’s tolerable and life goes on as usual, even on the hottest of days. I think we adjust to the climate we live in.

The climate around Lake Norman is mild. And yes, we do have 4 seasons! Spring is long and mild and the blossoming trees, shrubs and flowers are just beautiful. Summer is long and warm, giving us a great boating season. Fall delivers some of the most fantastic colors I have ever seen and you can’t beat a drive to the mountains to experience the beauty. Winter is short and mild with a few weeks where the lows at night will dip into the twenties and sometimes teens. Skiing is as close as a 2 hour drive in the mountains to our west. The average rainfall is about 3 inches per month. Best of all,we have tons of sunshine and blue sky!

There are many folks who have moved further South in search of warmer weather, only to find it too hot, and they end up coming here. This is the perfect climate for anyone!

See the current Lake Norman and Charlotte Weather Conditions:


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