Posted by: Roby Robertson | March 10, 2008

Knowing Your Way Around Lake Norman

Navigate Lake Norman

Map of Lake Norman

Lake Norman is a very large lake as you can tell by the image above.  You will notice that there are 4 main accesses on the East,West,North and South of the Lake.  On the East side of the Lake, you will notice I77.  This runs North and South.  Approximately 20-25 miles south of Lake Norman you will find Charlotte, NC.  Also on the East side of the lake, there are the towns of Cornelius,Huntersville,Mooresville and Troutman.  In the world of Lake Norman these are all identified by exit numbers.  To make it easy, Exit 25 is Huntersville, Exit 28 is Cornelius,  Exit’s 33 and 36 are Mooresville and Exit 42 are Troutman at the extreme North of the Lake.  Make Note that exit 42 and the Troutman area is in full growth mode.  On the West side of Lake Norman running North and South is 2 lane Hwy. 16.  For years this has been the only access from Denver to Charlotte.  Approx. one mile west of Hwy. 16 a new 4 land hwy. 16 is being built for faster access to Charlotte.  Due to this construction, this area is also targeted for huge growth.  South of Lake Norman, the East/East highway is Highway 73.  Also a 2 lane highway.  North of the main body of Lake Norman is highway 150.  Along 150 growth has continued and will continue to be prevalent.  Along 150, you can see a road named Perth.  This road heading North to Troutman is seeing many new subdivisions sprouting up and is also growing.  In the Northwest corner of Lake Norman you will see Sherrills Ford.  I have also written in this forum about it’s growth as well.

 I hope this helps with an overview of navigating around the Lake.  If you would like a map mailed to you or just more information about a particular area, please call me at 704 451 7051 or email me at


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