Posted by: Roby Robertson | March 21, 2008

Lake Norman, What is the traffic really like.

Is the Lake Norman Traffic really as bad as it’s reputation?


OK, here is my assessment of the situation.  It seems that many people have heard about the Brawley School Road and Interstate 77 and the reputation is one of frustration.

I have lived down Brawley School road for 10 years and I can tell you that at times it can be maddening.  In the morning when the kids are going to school, this two lane road is very slow.  In my opinion, too many parents drive their kids to school instead of putting them on a very very short bus ride.  In some cases it is a couple of miles!  There are three things to consider here.   First is and foremost I firmly believe that the quality of live living down Brawley School road far outweighs the headaches of sitting in traffic for 30 minutes. Lake Norman has way too much to offer and overlook.  My family has had more quality family time on the lake and in the neighborhoods than we could have ever had anywhere else.  Second, Brawley road is going to be increased from 2 lanes to 3 or 4 lanes.  The process will be tough but the results will alleviate a lot of the aggravation and help the properties to continue to increase in value substantially. Lastly, the schools continue to rank near the top in test score grades.  Check out the Lake Norman Waterfront Communities to get a perspective of the Quality I speak of!

Traffic Light Sculpture

Interstate 77 is also on of the roads that the engineers should be tar and feathered for.  It is a 4 lane highway that was in no way designed for all the growth that has happened in the area.  Between exits 36 and 23, a total of 13 miles, there is a lot of traffic entering the road during rush hour.  Thankfully, there are buses that run to help commuters.  As with many places, the time you travel means a lot.  Many of the commuters are traveling to Charlotte for jobs and businesses.   Also, if all the politicians can come together, the train from Charlotte will run all the way to the lake, which will also alleviate much of this congestion.  Obviously, this is years away but it is some hope on the horizon. Again, I want to point to the quality of life that I so love!

Highway 150, which is also exit 36 off of I77 can also be pretty congested.  With the shopping and restaurants, you can expect this.  However, I find the only time that I find this to be maddening, is during the 2 race weeks (May and October). With the speedway being 30 minutes away and many of the race shops residing in our area, we get an influx of fans,

Exit 25 and 28 off of I77.  Notice we gauge everything around here based on exit numbers. This area offers so much for so many.  Minutes from Lake Norman with private and public to all that Lake Norman has to offer as well as Birkdale and it’s golf and shopping, this is just the top of the ice-burg for things to do.  Again, the quality of life, jumps out at you.  They exists can also be congested but very doable! Check out Lake Norman’s Cornelius and Lake Norman’s Huntersville the towns that make up these exits.

Lastly on the West side of Lake Norman is highway 16.  This two lane road is has a very rural feel and runs through Lake Norman’s Denver, NC.  It has also kept the growth down in this side of the lake compared to the East side. However, the good news is that less than 1 mile west of highway 16 is a new highway 16 with 4 lanes and tremendous opportunity for growth.  Highway 16 runs south to Charlotte and while better than I77, can still be a challenge during rush our.

I hope that this helps with some of the reputation.  I want to emphasize that many people that life in the area love to complain but guess what; They are not moving!  Guess this says it all!  Lake Norman Rocks!

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