Posted by: Roby Robertson | March 24, 2008

Lake Norman Realtors and Real Estate Companies

Hey Lake Norman, What’s in a Name?

After having read an article in Inman news about the the Real Estate Profession being on of the least trusted, I decided to do some research. My research is was not geared towards how many agents were good vs. bad because that is impossible. However, I do have some comments about the article as it pertains to agents.

First my comments: I think the consumer is so inundated with marketing that is redundant and somewhat misleading that I can see why the consumer is guarded. So many agents saying; I am number 1 or we are number 1 as well as We sell it faster blah blah, it kinds makes one wonder. I make no claims to being number 1 except in the hearts of my wife and daughter (I hope)!  I do make claims to working hard!

However, my research shows me that 88% of all real estate companies in NC are small with 5 agents or less and unaffiliated with a brand. As I ride around neighborhoods I see signs from both big Brand named companies and small Mom and Pop companies. I wonder, does the consumer believe that a brand name helps sell the home faster?
Does the agent working for a brand name make the agent better? I can wholeheartedly answer this one with a huge NO.

I know NAR gives us statistics about the client and how he/she chooses an agent. However, I’d love to know how everyone reading my blog feels.


Lake Norman Real Living

Do you look for a brand name first?
Do you look for an agent first?
If relocating, what is important?

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