Posted by: Roby Robertson | April 6, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: Creative Ways to Sell Your Home


Lake Norman: Creative Ways to Sell Your House!

There is a lot to cover here but I will try to keep this as concise as possible.

I’d like to first dispel a couple of myths. 

First: A National Branded Real Estate Company does not sell a house faster.  I work for a National Company but not one that is a household name yet. 
Lake Norman Real Living
 However, I have worked for some of those companies before starting my own.  (I need to know what works and what does not work).  I can tell you in today’s world, it takes more than a name,sign and ad in ‘real estate book’.  While I agree some homes sell this way but what is most likely is the fact that the home is in a great location and is priced right.  However, it is the savvy agent that sells in a tough market and a highly competitive market.  Many homes listed with the National Brands have gone unsold.  Here is something you need to know.  Print advertising VERY RARELY sells you home.  Agents do this to make sellers happy and get buyers.  Ask your agent about the online presence! which is fed directly from our MLS is just not enough any more.   80% people are searching on the Internet these days and they want more and more information.   

Second:  For Sale By Owners do not, on average, save a lot of money on commissions.  MOST buyers that even approach FSBO think they can low ball for the simple reason that they are a FSBO and not paying commissions. I also see some agents struggle with contracts so you can imagine trying this without knowing the pitfalls. I tried this before becoming an agent and I can tell you it was a horrible experience. I also took a lot less just to make the deal happen. If you do sell your home yourself offer to work with agents on the buyers side.

Even though these tips are directed towards what your agent should do for his/her client, these can be implemented by those with the tools.

1.   Create a web address that points to all the information about your home. 

2.  Hold an Auction: Basically, you list your property at a reasonable price under market value, and let people bid on it. Market this auction with flyers and word of mouth, then invite people over. Hopefully, you will draw interest and your property will sell.

3.  Use Social Networking.  This has  become huge in the industry.  Places like Facebook and Myspace are starting to show listings of homes.  Personally, I like places like DIGG, StumbleonrssHugger  and Trulia because these can help you propagate your home across the Internet.

4.  Blog about your home like I do here.

5. Make a short film about your property and the surrounding area.  Buyers like to see information about the area to share with other family. 

Here is an example of a film I had done in the Birkdale area in Cornelius North Carolina:

Personally, I would stay away from offering a selling bonus to the buyer’s agent. I would instead offer seller concessions to the buyer. After all the buyer is the one that may be in need of the concession. Also, make sure whatever concession is offered that it is acceptable to the buyer’s lender. Personally, I give any bonus back to my client anyway.

You can contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 if you have questions.

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