Posted by: Roby Robertson | April 9, 2008

Lake Norman Living;Boating,Fishing and Fun

Beautiful Lake Norman

Living on Lake Norman is Fantastic!

But has some pitfalls as well!

First the pitfalls, then we get to the fun.  During the peak months Lake Norman is a busy lake.  When I first moved to the lake 10 years ago, the average size of boats on the lake was about 21 feet according to my boat salesman.  Within the next 3 years the average boat size had risen to 24 feet.  What this means is that it can get rough on the lake.  With smaller boats, you can get beat up pretty good during daytime hours.  Many residents of the lake know that morning or evenings are best on the lake during summer months.  However, I will say that if you find yourself a cove, you can still have a very enjoyable peaceful time.  Also some waterfont property has marginal water in winter as Duke Energy lowers the lake level.  We sometimes jokingly call these mud fronts.  This has been especially true during the latest drought even low lake levels are very good right now.  Lastly, if you drink on our lake, your likely to get caught.  Our lake is policed.  This is actually a very good thing.

Dinner on Lake Norman Anyone

Lake Norman Rusty Rudder
One of my favorite things to do is pack up the kids or just grab some freinds and cruise at sunset to dinner. There are quite a few choices, one being the Rusty Rudder above.  Place like the Lake Norman Motel (you might not enter from the road but from boat…fun place!).  I used to go here on a weekend night and it was like a neighborhood gathering.  There are more Lake Norman Waterfront Restaurants besides these two but believe me, it can be very relaxing and fun.

Lake Norman Sailing

Lake Norman Sailing 
If sailing is your thing, you would love Lake Norman. There are numerous Lake Norman Sailing Clubs and event on our lake. Just be wary of being North of the 150 bride. The height of the bridge would prohibit you from sailing to the main channel and many of the events.

 Lake Norman Fishing

While I have never been a real fisherman, I have friends that are really into it.  Early morning bass boats are not uncommon on our Lake.  We also have major fising events that has to say something about our lake and our fishing.  I have chosen a few sites that I think can help with more fishing information.

Home of Fishing with Capt’N Gus and the Fishing Pros

Lake Norman Fishing Report 

Lake Norman Fishing Guide

Lake Norman Fun

Lake Norman Boating
Besides Sailing, boating is fun on Lake Norman. Remember that the boat size does matter. 18 ft boats will get rocked around pretty good. However, it you own a boat that is 23-24 ft or more, you can have a blast wiht your friends and families. Some of the many activies include skiing, tubing, swimming, sunning or just dropping anchor in a cove, your choices are many. My personal favorite is just cruising near the shoreline looking at the homes. Just be wary of the water depth because we do have stumps. Depth finders are a must on Lake Norman.

Last but certainly not least, Lake Norman Real Estate

If you google Lake Norman Real Estate, you can find so much overwhelming information. All the agents saying I am number one etc.  Just be wary of all the propaganda.  Consider, An agent or team saying, I am number 1 or a I am a Hall of Fame Agent or Now is the best time to sell etc.  Do you care or do you want an agent dedicated to and patient with your needs.   The only thing I spout about being number 1 is this.  I am in the top 5 with effort!  I am number one at being a father to my daughter and a husband to my wife.  I want the experience to be so good that you would never consider calling anyone else. 

Here are some things to consider and things I will you help with.

An alternative to waterfront is finding a home with a deeded boatslip. Waterfront property is expensive and if you can get a boatslip it is almost as good. I had one for 9 years and it was great. Make sure the slip has deep water and has adequate parking. There are nieghborhoods that you get a boat slip but getting to and from the slip as well as performing the load and unload of food, water toys and beverages is cumbersome. If there is choice of having a slip or not, DEFINATELY get the slip even if you don’t want a boat. Resale values are definately enhanced by owning this slip.

If buying a lot to build on that is waterfront, make sure you can have a dock.  Duke Energy approves all docks and not all lots can have one.  Make sure you can dredge if necessary and make sure you know about the cost to do so. 

We have beautiful homes on Lake Norman.  You might find a waterfront home in the 400’s but the water will not be great and the home will likely need work.  Starting in the 500’s you can possibly find waterfront.  Be wary that the lower the price, the more likely the home is back on a cove.  However, finding a home with a deeded boat slip in the 400’s and 500’s is definately doable.  There are lots of things to consider and that is what I am here to help you do! 

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Contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 for additional information.


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