Posted by: Roby Robertson | April 16, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: Creative Ways to Buy Your Home


Buying your Lake Norman Area Dream Home

 It occurred to me recently that homes sellers are searching the Internet to find information about creatively selling their homes.  I have written a couple of posts about this subject based on my own experience and research. 

I thought I would give my perspective on creatively buying a home.  One important thing to understand that before we can get creative we have to get established with a lender.  I have seen disappointment because the steps got out of kilter.  Finding a home you can’t get funding for can be heartbreaking.  I have some great friends in the lending industry that are professional and outstanding at what they do.  No funny business with them.  My recomendation is to stay away from working with people or companies only available by email or phone.  You need to meet these people. It is an important relationship.

You see once we have the documents and piece of mind in place, we are ready to deal!  Being able to arm yourself with this confirmation to sellers, I can assist you with some strong negotiations.

The next thing we need to do is sit down and define your priorities.  For example, Schools may be 1st or maybe it is amenities etc.

Once we have this in had we now, define your parameters for a home.  These can be many or few.   These also should be put in order of priority.  Sometimes matching all is not possible unless you go with new-construction.

For Example.

  • One Story Ranch
  • Multiple Stories
  • Master Bedroom on Main Level
  • Waterfront lot
  • Square footage
  • Fenced Yard
  • And so many more…

Armed with all this information, I can conduct searches of the areas that meet your priorities and price parameters.

 At this point, I will take you to the neighborhoods that meet your needs and show you the areas surrounding them.  We can preview some homes at this time depending on time constraints etc.  However, I always suggest that a second drive through is done with the family only.  There are things that are personal that I don’t need to know about nor am I allowed to talk about. I also suggest that the drive bye’s are done during a high traffic time or when kids are out etc.  You are making an investment and I want you to be sure.  I have had some occasions when all these steps have not been necessary because of prior knowledge or research but these have been rare. 

Another Beautiful Lake Norman in The Point
We can now start finding your dream home.  I suggest we find a couple that meet your needs.  Negotiating a great deal is always easier when you can walk away.  Depending on your price range and/or cash needs we can seek those sellers offering concessions.  If none are available, we can always ask.   In this market, the sky is the limit.  I do want to caution about real estate in our area.  It is not like other parts of the country.  I have had instances where buyers want to offer WAY below list or market value.  This will not work in our market.  Sellers around the Lake Norman area will not entertain LOW BALL offers because the market is too strong for that.  However, there are ways to get good deals where you buying and getting into a good situation.  It is my duty to represent but I don’t continue to make very low offers in the hopes that one sticks.  It is just not a good practice.

Once we have completed these steps, we can find and purchase the home you want.  Once we begin writing the offer, I will take as much time as is needed that the buyer understands our contracts.  I can help prevent much frustration and dissapointment by going over in detail the points that can cause the most problems.  Knowing this going in makes things go smoother.  I just hope that the listing agent has done the same with their clients.  My job at this point is to get you the best possible price and to also faciliate a smooth transaction.  I work hard to head off potential disasters.

There is a lot more to discuss about the contract that I won’t go into here.  It is too much to read.

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For more information or a FREE list of available properties emailed to you daily, contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051.


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