Posted by: Roby Robertson | April 25, 2008

Lake Norman and Mooresville Area Race Fans

Your Lake Norman Agents First Visit to Talladega


 If your race fan and have never been to Talladega, you have to plan a trip to this place. It is an amazing place.  I arrived Thursday of race week to attend the International Racing Hall of Fame banquet.  I am lucky enough to have a very friend who’s father was inducted last night.  I was a very fun event and there was a who’s who of racing legends in attendance.  While my wife is a bigger fan than I, I have to admit that getting my picture taken with some of the old time legends was a big treat. 

Today is qualifying and practice and I will be in the garage area with friends.  I guess it is who you know?  My wife does work for Jr. Motorsports which also helps. 

I have not seen the track yet and I have heard it is enormous.  I will be adding to this story as the weekend progresses.

 4/25/08 6:00pm

WOW, this track is awesome.  Even if your not a huge fan, this is something worth seeing. I watched Cup practice and Nationwide Qualifying and it was a blast.  The cars are flying around the track bumper to bumper.  All I can say is WOW.  The people watching is also a sight to behold.


This morning, I can’t use wow for what I saw last night.  I am not even sure how to describe it.  We had a group of 10 that drove to the infield and parked to walk though it.  I can tell you this that this should never be done alone.  I have been told that this is just like Mardi Gra but since I have never been, it is hard for me to compare.   There is areas where you can walk around kind of like on a boardwalk at the beach.  The differennce is that on either side of the area you walk are campers, RV’s etc.  Many of these are set up with make shift dance floors, drinking games and loud music.  As you can imagine, alcohol is abound.  There was one brief scuffle that brought numerous ( really about 15) police cars within seconds (not minutes).  It was truly an amazing scene.  If you are into this sort of thing, I highly recommend that you experience it once.  I also have my doubts that many of these people even see the race.

Today is the Nationwide Race. Hope it does not get rained out…


I am home from my first trip to Talladega.  I enjoyed the Nationwide race.  It was fun.  I had to miss the cup race due to needing to be home, but this was a trip well worth it.  I highly recommend seeing this event at least once!

Your Lake Norman Area Agent!

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