Posted by: Roby Robertson | April 28, 2008

Lake Norman Luxury Real Estate through April

Lake Norman's Real Living In Style Helps you get Organized

Lake Norman Real Estate – The Choices are many!

Here is your Lake Norman Market Report through April.
Lake Norman's The Peninsula Yacht Club

$900,000 to $1,500,000

  • 199 Active Listings
  • 152 Active Listings are waterfront
  • 47 Active non-waterfront listings
  • $283.85 Avg. Price per sq. ft. on waterfront
  • $237.52 Avg. Price per sq. ft on NON-waterfront
  • 6 Properties sold for this period NON-waterfront
  • 15 properties sold waterfront
  • $268.43 Avg. price per sq. ft on SOLD waterfront
  • $200.45 Avg. price per sq.ft. on SOLD non-waterfront

Lake Norman's The Point Non Waterfront Lisitng

$1,500,000 to $1,999,999

  • 1 SOLD non-waterfront property
  • $276.90 price per sq. ft on the SOLD non-waterfront
  • 7 SOLD waterfront properties
  • $283.90 avg. price per sq. ft. on SOLD watefront
  • 75 Active waterfront homes
  • $308.25 avg. price per sq. ft. on waterfront active homes
  • 6 Active non-waterfront homes
  • $284.78 avg. price per sq. ft on non-watgerfront active homes


$2,000,000 and up

  • 58 Active waterfront properties
  • 2 Active non-waterfront properties
  • $410.91 price per sq. ft. Active waterfront
  • $323.72 price per sq. ft Active non-waterfront
  • zero SOLD non-waterfront
  • 2 SOLD waterfront
  • $443.00 price per sq. ft. SOLD waterfront

Notice the 900,000 to 1,499,999 is still relatively active. 

Be on the lookout for a post about homes in the 500 to 1,000,000 range.

For more information contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051.

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