Posted by: Roby Robertson | May 1, 2008

Lake Norman’s Real Living In Style in the News

Real Living In Style at Lake Norman, Committed to saving our clients thousands

In January 2007, Roby Robertson and his partners recently created a new Real Estate Firm in Davidson at Lake Norman. They joined with Real Living, Inc in Columbus Ohio recently recognized as the most innovative real estate company in the United States according to the Swanepoel TRENDS Report 2008.

In an effort to gather enough information to form a company that is truly agent centric and consumer focused, Roby spent time at some of the other companies in the area. RE/MAX,Keller Williams,C21 and Wilkinson and Associates all gave him and his partners ideas on what they did NOT want to do.

Disappointed by the very high fees,low commissions and inflexibility, and the body shop mentality at others they decided to find a Company that shared their technology focus and big ideas with small company environment. With Real Living,Inc (the nation’s first women-focused real estate brand) they found that company. Additionally they decided to create a policy where their Charlotte and Lake Norman real estate agents are able to earn 100% commission much like other companies but with actually offering a true technology solution.   The focus of our company is and will always be on clients not recruiting other agents.

Unlike some of the other companies, Real Living In Style gives their agents the opportunity to negotiate their own listing commission. Don’t confuse us with any of those Discount Brokerages. Our commitment is to save our customers thousands when buying and selling real estate. This is our focus and we find creative ways to get it accomplished!

You see when you pay your agents well, they are not desperate to focus on their commissions. They can focus on doing the right thing for clients. We also give them every tool imaginable to market homes properly and find the right home for buyers.

Contact Your Lake Norman Agent today at 704 746 3937 and let us show you how we negotiate.


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