Posted by: Roby Robertson | May 4, 2008

Lake Norman Watercraft Laws You Need To Know

Obey the Law, Lake Norman Watercraft Laws

Minimum Age to Operate a Jet Ski

North Carolina passed a law rising the age to operate a jet ski from 12 to 14 as long as the child has a a valid NASBLA boater’s safety course certificate.  Without this certificate the age limit is 16.

No person shall operate a personal watercraft on the waters of this State at any time between sunset and sunrise.

Lake Norman No Wake Zone   

It is unlawful to operate a vessel at greater that no-wake speed withing 50 yards of the following areas:

  • Boat Launch
  • Bridge
  • Doc
  • Pier Marina
  • Boat storage structure
  • Boat service area
  • For Personal Water Craft( Jet Skis  or Small Vessels which uses an outboard or propeller-driven motor) the distance is 100 Feet

Children under 13 must wear a life vest at all times.

The law used to state only that proper equipment must be on the boat. 

 Rafting Ordinance

This law relates to the number of vessels that are allowed to tie up (raft up) .

  • 3 to 10 vessels must be 100 yards from Shoreline and 200 yards from similar number of rafted vessels.
  • 11 or must be at least 300 yards from the shoreline.
  • 1 to 2 vessels may be with 100 yards from the shoreline or 50 yards from other similarly tied up vessels
  • Special permits may be issued with a 60 notice.

Reckless Boating, and Litter

This law prohibits the operation of any watercraft under the influence of an impairing substance.  It also prohibits the operation of a watercraft in a reckless manner. 

The only way to accurately define the litter law is to quote the law:

“No person shall place, throw, deposit, or discharge or cause to be placed, thrown, deposited, or discharged on the waters of this State or into the inland lake waters of this State, any litter, raw sewage, bottles, cans, papers, or other liquid or solid materials which render the waters unsightly, noxious, or otherwise unwholesome so as to be detrimental to the public health or welfare or to the enjoyment and safety of the water for recreational purposes.”

We love Lake Norman and thankfully it is policed better than I have seen it in recent years.  Offenders of these laws are caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  People can lose lives and our lake is for fun and recreation.  OBEY THE LAWS

Click Lake Norman Laws you need to know for more information and addition laws in place.

Contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 for additional information on all your Real Estate and Lake Norman information.


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