Posted by: Roby Robertson | May 7, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: Buying Property with Restrictive Covenants or Not

In the Lake Norman area, Rescrictive Convenants vary from very strict to none at all.

 First some information about covenants and rescrictions courtesy of

Home Buying Essentials

When you’re buying a home, it’s important to understand the restrictive covenants and other deed restrictions that are in place for the real estate you want to buy, because they dictate how you can and cannot use the property.

Restrictive covenants are deed restrictions that apply to a group of homes or lots, property that’s part of a specific development or subdivision. They are normally put in place by the original developer, and are different for every area of homes.

What’s the Purpose of Restrictive Covenants?

Restrictions give a development a more standard appearance, and control some of the activities that take place within its boundaries. When enforced, covenants protect property values.

What You’ll Always See in Covenants

Restrictive covenants nearly always stipulate the minimum size residence allowed, how many homes may be built on one lot, and what type of construction the homes must (or must not) be.

Additional Topics You’ll See in Restrictive Covenants


  • Set backs (how far homes must be from streets and interior lot lines). 
  • Easements (such as a pathway for power lines or roads). 
  • Fees for road maintenance or amenities. 
  • Rules regarding changing or voiding the covenants. 
  • Rules about pets and other animals (for instance: no breeding for profit, no livestock, no unchained pets). 
  • Regulations dealing with in-home businesses and home rentals. 
  • Rules that limit tree-cutting 
  • Clauses that dictate what type of fencing can be used, or that forbid all types of fencing. 
  • Clauses to reduce clutter on lots, such as prohibiting owners from storing a vehicle that doesn’t run within view of others, or parking a recreational vehicle on the property.

In the Lake Norman area, if you want to live in an area that does not have any restrictions, you will most likely find yourself looking in towns like Sherrills Ford, Denver, Troutman and Statesville.  These areas, while still having neighborhoods with restrictions, are still rural in nature.  Typically the lot sizes are larger which allow you to build, store etc. anything you want on the property.  These non-restrictive areas also allow for any type of home which include mobile and modular homes.

Neighbrhoods in Mooresville,Cornelius,Davidson and Huntersville are dominated by neighborhoods with varing degrees of covenants.  All of these incorporate the ‘Additional Topics you will see…” mentioned above.  Keep in mind that Mooresville is dissected by Interstate 77.  On the East side of I77 you can still find these non-restrictive areas, however on the west side which includes Lake Norman, these type of neighborhoods are practically non-existant.

Your choices are many for what you can and can’t do and to what degree these are enforced.  This is an important question to ask as it pertains to your desires.  A great way to check on the enforcement is to ride the neighborhood and see if it fits your eye.

For additional information, contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051.

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