Posted by: Roby Robertson | May 18, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate:Check out the Foreclosure Investor’s Cheat Sheet

Lake Norman Area Foreclosure Investor Cheat Sheet

I was emailed recently by a friend and he forwarded me about a great article entitled:
The Foreclosure Investor Cheat Sheet: 100 Useful Web Resources“.

The article starts off; There seems to be no end to the number of foreclosure opportunities for investors these days. In keeping with this trend, a number of Web sites have been created to serve the foreclosure investor. To that end, we’ve listed 100 sites below, from tutorials to databases to articles and blogs. Although some sites are more useful than others, we’ve tried to avoid sites that offer no value to the investor whatsoever. These include databases listings without a clue as to who offers these databases and Web sites that offer advice without credentials. With that said, we may have missed a site or two that may truly be useful. If you know of a site that provides value to the foreclosure investor, let us know through your comments.

Some of the topics are:

About Buying HUD Homes:
Buy Bank Homes:
Buying a Home in Foreclosure – The Basics:
Home Buying Institute:

These are only 4 of the 100 sites listed and described.

To visit the site, click here!

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