Posted by: Roby Robertson | June 10, 2008

Mooresville North Carolina, Two Distinct Personalities

Mooresville North Carolina: Lake Norman and the City of Mooresville like two different cities!

Mooresville North Carolina is divided by I77 with Lake Norman dominating the west side and the city of Mooresville making up the North side. 

The Lake Norman side of Mooresville is in a different ZIP code(28117) as the Town of Mooresville (28115) but that is just the beginning of the differences.

Mooresville,founded in the 1850s, has grown from railroad town to textile center to Race City, USA – through years of change Mooresville has kept a strong sense of its past. 

In 1963, Duke Power created Lake Norman with the construction of the Cowans Ford Dam and creation of the McGuire Nuclear Station.

While the town of Mooresville still has some of it’s historic beauty and preserved historic buildings, the Mooresville of Lake Norman is made up of beautiful waterfront communities with much of it’s original rural feel gone forever.

When checking statistics on home prices in the current market, I found the following:

Zip Code: 28115
390 homes currently for sale
$308,343 Average List Price
2200-2600 Average Square Footage

Zip Code: 28117
799 homes currently for sale
$716,773 Average List Price
3100-3700 Average Square Footage

There is even a dividing line when it comes to schools.  Mooresville City Schools controls the Mooresville city school system and Iredell County Schools controls the Lake Norman Schools.  From first hand knowledge, I can tell you there is a bitter rivilry between Lake Norman High School and Mooresville High School.

Lastly, Mooresville City still has industrial parks and houses some of the NASCAR race teams.  Mooresville of Lake Norman is dominated more by restaurants, retail, salons and the like.

As you can see there are distinct differences between the two Mooresville’s.  While both are great places to live and a lot to choose from, one has to decide where they would be most comfortable.

Don’t forget that all the Mooresville current home listings are on the right side of this blog separated by price range.  If you find you would like to see any of these or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact your Mooresville Area Agent at 704 451 7051.

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