Posted by: Roby Robertson | June 12, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: So Much to Choose From

Lake Norman Buyers,Don't feel aloneLake Norman Buyers, Ever Feel Like your All Alone?

Have you ever felt like your agent is not showing you want you really want.  Kind of like wanting to scream “IS ANYONE LISTENING?”.  Communication is sparse to non-existent.  That can be very frustrating.

Lake Norman Buyers - Don't feel this way!You DON’T have to feel this way.  This blog and others that I maintain are built purposely to provide as much information as is possible.  You will notice that I provide real time listings all the time on the right panel and I am also open to creating new ones if necessary.  With REAL LIVING 2.0, you can set up an account where listings are emailed to you as they become available.

There are so many areas around the Lake Norman area that it is impossible to know they exist and where they are.  I am here to help you and show you EVERYTHING that meets your criteria, not just what I THINK you would want to see.  Recently I took a couple to a neighborhood that they did not even know existed.  I just listened to what they were saying and said’ Let’s go here’.  They immediately fell in love with the area and found a home.  This is what a good agent willing to take the time does!

Lake Norman Buyers don't have to waste time with Roby Robertson

You don’t have to waste time on your own unless you just enjoy looking at open houses.  With gas prices the way they are, who can afford to drive around endlessly. 

I am here to help and I listen!

Don’t forget that many of the  current home listings are on the right side of this blog separated by price range. If you find any  you would like to see or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact your Lake Norman Area Agent at 704 451 7051.

Be The First To See Lake Norman Hot New Listings as soon as they become available.

What would my Home Sell For?

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