Posted by: Roby Robertson | June 25, 2008

Myth:Using a Lake Norman Real Estate Team Provides Better Service

In the Lake Norman Area,Real Estate Teams are sprouting up Everywhere, Is it good for YOU!

Teams, Teams everywhere are Teams!

I was speaking with a seller yesterday that is about to change real estate companies. I was not soliciting his business; he called me based on a referral from a prior client.

We had an interesting discussion about real estate teams especially in how it pertains to his situation. First I am not advocating for or against teams. However, he brought up a couple of points that I have felt is a problem with the team model.

In many real estate teams, the team is made up of a team leader, an assistant and from 1 to a few buyers’ agents. The team leader is the listing agent and concentrates his/her efforts on marketing and listing properties and buyers agents chase the buyer leads that come from these efforts. The advantage sold to the client is that they will get better response and customer service.

However, as in the case of the seller I spoke with, these buyers’ agents do not know as much about the listings that the listing agent does. If an open house is performed or even a realtor luncheon, the buyers’ agents are the ones that sit in the house. As the seller stated, “my cat knows more about the house than the agent sitting here all day”. So here is the delimma. The listing agent does research on homes and learns about the home he/she is listing and then turns it over to someone else to sell it. Also, sometimes the buyers’ agents are newbie’s learning the business as well as not having a lot of out of pocket costs. You see the team lead pays for marketing but takes a cut of the buyers agent commission.

Found some funny stuff.  If you go to click on images then search for Real Estate Teams, you will see some funny images that makes me wonder what they people really do!  One picture had a mouse and an empty box? 

To tell you the truth, and this is my opinion, some teams are formed by smart business people in an effort to earn additional income and not have to drive buyers around. I know that some individual agents even call themselves a team because they believe it looks better to the consumer.

The clients have to look at the big picture and ask a lot of questions. Do the buyers’ agents know the real selling points of the homes his/her team lead lists? How does this information tricke down?

I realize that the seller I spoke with has specific criteria for agents he hires. You may not have the same criteria. However, one thing I do believe in and that is communication. I am not going to ask my assistant or any buyers’ agents to call my clients when they don’t even know them.

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For me, I prefer to have one or two good agents that I can educate about my listings and let them back me up when I just can’t be there.

The real estate process is about YOU and only YOU, so ask yourself what is important to YOU and then ask the agents you interview if they can fulfill your desires.

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