Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 2, 2008

Sellers Remorse – Do you think you have it?

Selling your Lake Norman home can be trying and you could be going through Sellers Remorse

I bet if you as most home sellers if they had sellers remorse, you would envision the answer involved money.  They wish they had held out for more money. 

However, sellers remorse actually happens long before the for sale sign, contract and acceptance. Sellers remorse typically catches you off guard and can hit you like a ton of bricks! 

For a period of weeks, months or even years, you have contemplated a move to a new house.   Whether it is for a career change, the need for something larger or smaller, but whatever the reason, your focus has typically been on the buying side of things and your needs for the new house.  THEN STEP 1…it happens!  You have to focus on selling your existing HOME! The key word being home.

You find a real estate you like and trust ( your Lake Norman Agent 🙂  )  someone you believe will work well with and for you.  You take your agents advice about fixing some things up, staging and working on curb appeal.  Your agent consults with you about price and you both focus on getting things just right for a quick sale. After a thorough understanding of the listing papers you sign them to get the process started.     THEN Step 2 Happens;

A For Sale Sign shows up in the yard.  Now it hits you, What have I done?  Doubt creeps in and you begin to feel overwhelmed with the details. How can you leave the memories and your HOME.  Yea, the new house will be nice but you realize your leaving your neighborhood, you will have to find a new grocery store, gas station and countless other little details swirl through your head.

Guess What – breathe a sign of relief, you’re normal. You are leaving your comfort zone, making a change and that’s a hard thing to do for anyone. The good news is that you are not alone, and there are things you can do to help you feel better.

First, do your best to disengage emotionally from the sale of your house. This is why you hired a professional to help you sell your home. Never make a  financial decision when your reasoning is clouded by all those emotions. Remind yourself that when you made the decision to sell it was for very sound well thought out reasons. Strangers are going to look your house and never be able to see your memories or the things you have come to love about it.  Make sure your trusted agent includes your fondest thoughts about why you bought the home and came to love it in his/her marketing.  See, Lake Norman Sellers, what if you could talk to that buyer?

Remember that buyers are going to look at your house and may not like some of the things you chose to do to your home.  Do not take this personally! Put your buyers hat on and remember when you were looking. Focus on the new home and your plans for it. When you chose it, you probably saw some things that you thought, “I’ll change that.” Then remind yourself that is exactly what potential buyers are saying when they look at your home.

Focus your energy on your new home and new neighborhood. If you can, spend time driving around the area of your new home and get used to the streets and the town. If it’s too far away, make sure the agent you choose is willing to take some photographs of the home, the grounds, the neighborhood, maybe the schools and shopping. This will help you and your family focus on the positive aspects of the move instead of what you may be leaving behind. Before you know it your comfort level and excitement will increase.  All that will be in the past is fond memories instead of remorse.

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