Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 19, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate, Time to Buy or Sell?

A lot of agents and so-called ‘experts’ have writte many articles and/or ads pertaining to ‘the time is right’.  I have even posted information about this being the right time to buy a home.  From the standpoint of inventory and interest rates, I think it is a good time.

However, The best answer to the question is , when the timing is right for you – that’s when it is the right time! I entered into real estate in the Lake Norman area in 2002. I remember people making the comment to me in the years past “I wish I would have bought that Lake Norman area property when I had the chance, I should have when I had the opportunity”. There are several key words here. “Timing” it has to be right for you to be involved. “Opportunity” it has to be right for you to be involved. Think of the people that “could have” and didn’t. So, if the timing is right for you we certainly have plenty of ‘opportunities’ all over the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas!

It’s ok to call a Realtor® and ask questions even if it is not the right time for you. It’s als ok to know that selling right now is not an option for you. (it’s all about your purpose and financial situation) Find someone that you like, trust and want to do business with and go from there. Most Realtors ® work and live by our code of Ethics! We can’t and won’t force you to buy anything you don’t want.

You can research our entire area and see most of what’s out there(much of what you need to see can be found on this blog) but, until you are ready to tell us what you’re really looking for  – we don’t know how to help you. We do have access to a few things that are not public. That’s why we’re Realtors ®

Please feel free to contact your Lake Norman and Charlotte Area agent at 704 451 7051.


If there is something you can’t find, please post your comment and I will be sure to post the information your need!


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