Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 26, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate, Here is a tip;Popcorn is for the movies!

Popcorn Ceilings are not IN anymore in the Lake Norman and Charlotte area

Here is some information we know about popcorn ceilings. 

  • It fades pretty easily
  • It can get stained easily especially if you have any water damage
  • It can start flaking
  • It attracts cobwebs and dirt
  • it can get ugly fast
  • it is not in-vogue any longer
  • it can depict an old house

If you’re preparing your home to sell and it has popcorn ceilings which is the mark of an older home, you might want to to consider getting an estimate to have it removed before putting your home on the market or offer to have it done as part of the transactions.  Include estimates!  However, having it already done will definitely make it show better.  To be honest, this might be one of the best improvements you can do (my opinion)!

Most people refrain from this improvement because they believe it will be a dusty, dirty mess that will take a long time. In reality, the project debris can be contained to a particular area while the ceiling is being worked on.

My recommendation is that you find an expert popcorn-removal company to do the job. Even though it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to scrape the popcorn from the ceiling, it can be more challenging than it looks.  Also, homes built before the late 70’s can contain asbestos. (Asbestos,a fibrous mineral that poses health risks such as cancer and respiratory problems ).  It is important to note that if your ceiling does contain asbestos it’s not just the removal process that is risky but you will also have to make sure that the hazardous debris from the ceiling is disposed of properly.  If you do decide to do this yourself, find out if it does contain this material.  As with most things,you can research this on the internet.

Note: the following information is provided via my own research on the internet.  This is not based on my own experience removing this material.

If you going to go it alone, please consider the following:

  • Removal of a popcorn ceiling that has been painted is more difficult.
  • Step 1; Remove furniture and completely cover the area.
  • Step 2; Wet the popcorn ceiling with a water sprayer. The key to removal is to keep the ceiling wet at all times.
  • Step 3; Carefully scrape away the popcorn without damaging the drywall underneath.
  • Step 4: Use drywall compound to touch up any areas that need it.
  • Step 5; Apply your selected texture by hand (if applicable).
  • Step 6; Prime and paint the ceiling after the texture is fully dry.
  • Step 7; Clean up.

Lake Norman, Popcorn at the movies

While I do not have experience in the actual removal, I do have experience showing homes with these type of ceilings.  I know that today’s buyers discount the home with popcorn.  My advice is to keep popcorn in the movies or on Christmas trees.  Make your home more trendy with this improvement.

Please contact your Lake Norman agent at 704 451 7051 for more tips or answers to your questions.

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