Posted by: Roby Robertson | August 5, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate: The Northwest Corridor is Becoming a Hot Spot

Lake Norman Buyers,Sellers and Investors, The Sherrills Ford area is going to be a hot spot

Have you heard  ‘Build it and they will come’.

Well the Sherrrills Ford and Terrell area at the Northwest corridor of Lake Norman is banking on it.  With street names like Monbo,Molly’s Backbone and Raccoon Track, you would visualize a very rural and underdeveloped area. However, this is changing.

Here is a list of planned development.  Don’t have dates for you but some infrastructure development has started or will be starting soon! For example, one of the important pieces is the extension of a new sewer line along NC 150 from Mooresville. Traffic will suffer during this development but ultimately the end result will mean tremendous opportunity in the Sherrills Ford Road area. Driving down 150 in the area, you can see numerous residential homes now listed for sale and zoned commercial.

In addition to the sewer line:

  1. A 635-acre development along Molly’s Backbone with estate-size parcels of over 6 acres is planned.
  2. The Sherrills Ford Village Center along NC 150 will include single family homes, town-homes and more than 500,000 square feet of retail and office space.
  3. Terrell Village Square will be an upscale retail/professional center located next to the future Village of Sherrills Ford
  4. Also planned is an 800-acre development fronting Island Point, Raccoon Tract and Azalea Roads

Lastly, The Catawba County commissioners want to bring a recreation center to the area including hiking and canoe access to Lake Norman. They hope to develop this by applying for a grant to buy approximately 600 acres.

Living at Lake Norman Just keeps getting better…

Please feel free to contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 if you have additional questions.

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