Posted by: Roby Robertson | August 6, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate,WOW, homes on the Market over 400 days

In the Lake Norman area, You gotta ask why are these homes sitting?

Lake Norman Sad Sellers

I realize there are a tremendous number of homes in our area but even I was suprised by what I found.  I started searching for homes on the market greater than 200 days.  Since our MLS system only displays 99 homes at a time, I incrementally increased the days on the market by 50.  Each time it came up the same.  Finally at 400 days on the market, I got a list that was less than 99.   Care to guess how many have been  listed over 400 days?  Read on!

The prices of these home range from the Mid 200’s to almost 4 million.  There is a wide range of prices.  I also noticed that many of these are spec homes in places like The Point and The Farms, both Crescent developments and very very nice homes.  I also noticed that a few of these are agent owned.  It makes me wonder if these folks are just hold fast and hard on their price or if there are other reasons.  I think I am going to go see some of these and see if I can make my own determination. My intial guess it is price or just the state of the market!

Lake Norman Happy Buyers

On a happy note!  If your a Lake Norman Buyer, one of these or some of the others that have been on the market for a long time may be ready to deal!  By the way the total number on the market over 400 days is … 92!  Some of the homes that are spec homes may not have much room to move but you never know until your try…

 If you would like to have this or other lists of homes emailed to you, please feel free to call your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051  or contact via email:


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