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Lake Norman Real Estate, How Not to List Your Home

Lake Norman Area Sellers selling tips

First let me mention something about the remarks agents make in our MLS or FSBO’s make in paper.  I recommend you refrain from using ‘very motivated’, ‘desperate’ and/or words that just beg for someone to make an extremely low ball offer.  These phrases raise the antenna of those that are looking to ‘steal’ the property.  Unless you truly are in a desperate situation, don’t lead the hounds to water!  For Sale By Owners already are inviting low offers by just trying to go it alone.  Adding this to the fire results in very very low offers.  Statistics prove that FSBO’s do not make more money selling themselves. 

It is hard in this market to sell your home. There are several things you can do to improve your chances. However, …. I will not talk about what I believe is 90% of the equation which the equation which is

#1 Price , Price , Priceif you are not priced right, do not even list your  home!

If you are priced right here are the some marketing tips that have prove successful.

Marketing Activities to optimize your chances of success.

  • Meet with more than one Lake Norman area agent and make sure you are on the same page. 
  • This is not a market to higher a friend unless they are truly an expert.
  • Review desired net amount of money as well as time frame in which to sell, your agent can supply you with the information 
  • Review your agent provided comparative Market analysis closely.
  • Review sold home activity for past 4 months from MLS – any longer will not be accurate
  • Preview with your agent the competition so you know if you are priced accurately
  • Understand “Average Days on Market” for your competition so you have reasonable expectations
  • Review with your agent and outside opinion of Curb appeal – make sure you can get people in the door
  • Make sure your agent addresses public schools as this is important factor for many buyers
  • Create a pricing strategy to reduce price if no offers are received
  • your agent must be expert at marketing on the web
  • The Internet is now a key tool for home buyers to start the buying process
  • Blogging and Social networks have become a key ingredient to your agents marketing plan.  Be sure they are in tune and understand.
  • Talk to the buyer via your agents blog or website. Who better to explain the benefits. Simple remarks are not as effective as they used to be.
  • Virtual Tour highly recommended
  • Offer a seller assisted financing if possible
  • Offer incentives such as maximum allowable seller contribution to closing costs
  • Have a copy of Homeowner Association bylaws for potential buyers
  • Offer home owner warranty to seller.
  • Agent cell phone on for-sale sign in yard. Calls to the office is not a big help.  You want potential buyers talking to the person that knows the house. 
  • prepare a detailed residential property disclosure statement (RPDS) (required in NC) 
  • repair any items you know are in need of repair.
  • Consider staging home which has proven to help market the property. Many agents will pay for this for you.  See if they have someone they use. 
  • Request feedback from showing agents communicated through your agent

For additional information or assistance, contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 or by email.

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