Posted by: Roby Robertson | August 21, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate, Rent vs. Sell

Some of our Lake Norman home owners have decided to rent their units instead of selling them.  Sometimes the owners need to move but have not owned the units long enough to have any equity, in fact they bring money to the closing.

Selling real estate is not always the most attractive option, and sometimes people have to move. As I have heard it called ‘Life gets in the way’.

Having a home on the market and having renters in it doesn’t work out very well.  Most renters do not want to be bothered by showings.  As a Realtor I find homes with renters in them the hardest to sell.  Sometimes the tenants don’t take the time to tidy up before a showing and sometimes they say no when someone tries to make an appointment to see the unit.  It is possible to put a home on the market while a tenant is living in it but it is unusually not the ideal situation.

Homes around Lake Norman seem to be fairly easy to rent out.  Consider finding a tenant, especially if there is no equity in the unit. It is even possible to own one home and rent it out and buy another.  Property tends to appreciate in value over time, and there are some tax advantages for landlords.

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