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Lake Norman Goes Green at Halloween

Lake Norman, We can go green at Halloween Too

Green Earth, Go Green at Lake Norman

Halloween only comes once a year and, as such, can create a buy it, use it one-time, dispose it attitude. Instead, this year, make your own cheaper, better Halloween…Costume.

Here are some commonly bought Halloween costume items and the common household items that can replace the store-bought versions or at least provide solid alternatives to them.

Fake Hair.
Instead of buying a wig for Halloween, consider incorporating a head wrap or hat into your outfit instead. A hat can go with most costume ideas, be creative! For instance, if you want to be a ‘sexy cop’ this year, you don’t need a blond wig that stretches to your waist. Try piling up all of your hair in a hat that can act as a cop hat instead.

Bold Makeup.
If you, or a female in your life, enjoy makeup on a regular basis, you shouldn’t need to buy makeup that is Halloween specific. All you need is a regular stick of concealer and you can break it into chunks from there and dye them separately yourself-with natural ingredients at that! For instance, a chunk of concealer mashed with pomegranate juice will create a blood red.

The Outfit.
Think twice before you buy a Halloween outfit. Could you make that jagged black witch skirt from a piece of fabric you already have around the house? Could you paint black stripes on white panty hose for that pirate outfit? Maybe you could paper mache your own monster mask?

Here are some other tips to help you have a happy, environment-friendly Halloween:

  • Make your own costume or buy a costume that is reusable. Married couples can usually find a second use for their old Halloween costumes, but kids are going to feel ridiculous having to rotate a fairy or ninja costume into their everyday clothing line up. Design a costume out of household materials or buy a costume that can be inconspicuously converted into a day-to-day outfit.
  • Give out eco-friendly candy. The problem with Halloween is that all the candy must be wrapped in eco-unfriendly packaging. Due to safety concerns, kids are taught not to accept unwrapped candy. Hand out candy that is wrapped in paper. Many brands of taffy are wrapped in paper. There are also paper pouches full of gummy fruit snacks.
  • Give the kids a reusable bag for candy. A pillowcase works. They can also use a reusable grocery bag.
  • Grow your own pumpkins. This will reduce pumpkin-shipping emissions. You can grow the pumpkins on your roof to cut down on urban heat islands. Compost your old pumpkins when you are done.

Halloween Safety Tips from Real Living In Style at Lake Norman

Here are some trick-or-treating tips for kids, parents and homeowners to ensure a safe and happy Halloween:

-Carry a flashlight
-Stay on the sidewalk
-Obey traffic signals
-Wear shoes that fit regardless of the costume
-Wear clothing with reflective marking or tape
-Approach homes that are lit only

-Make sure your children eat dinner before heading out
-Accompany any young children
-Let your older children know a specific time they need to be home
-Inspect all the candy your children bring home
-Throw away anything that looks open or suspicious

Home owners:
-Make sure your yard is clear of an possible debris or obstructions
-Make sure pets are secured when opening and closing your doors
-Place any candles or lit pumpkins away from where children will be walking
-Include some healthy trick-or-treat options like packages of fruit rolls and raisons or crackers
-Include some non-food treats like coins, stickers and toys

Happy Halloween from Real Living In Style at Lake Normnan

Happy Halloween from Real Living In Style. If you would like information about any of our fantastic Lake Norman Communities,just call your Lake Norman agent at 704 451 7051 or contact by email.

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