Posted by: Roby Robertson | November 5, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate;What About The Water and Sewer

Real Living In Style at Lake Norman

    Lake Norman Real Estate; What about well water and septic systems

    Well Water: If the home you are purchasing is close to Lake Norman or beyond the city limits of surrounding lake norman towns it most likely will have its own well. New Construction is required to pass a water test before it will get occupancy clearance. If you are in a community then often times there is one or more community wells. In this case your HOA dues will most likely cover the annual or semi-annual inspection of the well. Well water, while safe to drink, is often times hard water. This is evidenced by a ring forming on the inside of a toilet bowl. Many times, residents of the Lake Norman area will have water filters installed which is a cost effective way of removing the ‘hardness’ of the water.

    Further research about North Carolina Drinking Water can be done at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website.

    Lake Norman Septic Systems

    A Septic System ”consists of an underground tank and a leach or drainage field that work to purify household waste water. Sewage sits in an anaerobic bacteria which breaks down the solids. The fluid that leaves the tank is called effluent. It flows into the pump tank and after the effluent level reaches a certain level then the effluent is pumped to a leach field and ito the surrounding soil. The soil filters the fluids, aerobic bacteria breaks down the effluent into chemicals that support vegetation.”

    If you want to learn more about how a septic system works, read more from the EPA document ‘A homeowners guide to Septic Systems.

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