Posted by: Roby Robertson | November 17, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate:Low Cost Ways to Spruce up Your Homes Exterior

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I was researching different ideas to help homes get sold in our market. Currently our average days on the market has increased and our prices have dipped about 1%. It is ever increasingly important to make your home standout.

I was reading our Realtor Magazine and came across these ideas which I think are helpful. We have all had it drilled in our heads about curb appeal. However, we don’t see specific ideas offered other than the phrase ‘spruce it up’.

Here are some ways to make your home more appealing for yourself and potential buyers. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer!

1. Trim bushes so they don’t block windows or architectural details.

2. Mow your lawn, and turn on the sprinklers for 30 minutes before the showing to make the lawn sparkle.

3. Put a pot of bright flowers (or a small evergreen in winter) on your porch.

4. Install new doorknobs on your front door.

5. Repair any cracks in the driveway.

6. Edge the grass around walkways and trees.

7. Keep your garden tools and hoses out of sight.

8. Clear toys from the lawn.

9. Buy a new mailbox.

10. Upgrade your outside lighting.

11. Buy a new doormat for the outside of your front door.

12. Clean your windows, inside and outside.

13. Polish or replace your house numbers.

14. Place a seasonal wreath on your door.

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