Posted by: Roby Robertson | November 19, 2008

Sharing What Makes Me Tick both Online and In Person

I was inspired recently by a fellow Realtor that I follow on-line.  She is obviously passionate about life, her family and her profession.   I decided to write the things that I am passion about here since I already share these things with my clients.

Your Lake Norman Agents Family
First and foremost it is about family for me.  My wife of almost 25 years and my 19 year old daughter dominate all aspects of who I am.  I am very proud and happy that my wife has not thrown me out for starting a real estate company in the worst housing market of our lifetime.  She is awesome! I am also very proud of my daughter whom I joke is the son I never had.  She is a soccer player and one of my very favorite things in life is watching her play.

My wife and I spent many a weekend driving up and down the east coast chasing soccer games and tournaments.  While it was stressfull at times, we love every second of those memories.  I set aside all my personal goals of starting my company until the task of allowing her to play and to get into college was completed because she is everything to me.

I love kids and while we only have the one, I try to interact with and assist them as much as I can.  I am past President and still involved with my daughter’s high school booster club.  Trying to raise money for kids athletics is something I feel is important.

With my clients I love talking about their kids, grand-kids or whatever the case may be.  It is what sustains us as parents.  I have been known to be found running around in the back yard with my clients kids if my clients need time to talk.  They keep me feeling young.

I am also passionate about the needs of seniors.  I am in a Chamber of Commerce group that is dedicated to helping seniors and their families with all aspects of their lives.  From Real Estate, to health care, to medical billing problems and more.  It is rewarding to hear how these groups help seniors and to be able to offer my services where needed.

I can say that I am also very passionate about teaching and building.  By building I mean building this real estate company.  I want it to be the most service oriented company around,one that agents love to work and clients love to work with.  I dedicate much of my non-family time to this endeavor.  I also love teaching.  I was a technology trainer in a former life and I love training agents on the new technological aspects of real estate.  Real Estate is changing and I am changing with it with much enthusiasm.

Lastly, even though I sometimes need reminding, all work and no play makes Roby a dull boy!   I am always a glass half full type of person and I just need to show it many different ways more often. 

 Remember, good times come out of bad times.  Just hold on!

If I can help you with real estate, senior information for yourself or a loved one or where your kids can play soccer at all levels, call me at 704 451 7051.


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