Posted by: Roby Robertson | December 2, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate;The Sign Of The Times

Lake Norman Expireds I was doing some research of expired listings and I found a few statistics that are truly a sign of our times. While I don’t agree with this assessment, I have heard some agents say ‘The heck with recession, this is a Real Estate Depression’!

Here are some interesting facts.

In the Lake Norman Real Estate Area (Area 13 in our MLS):

We had a total of 143 listings expire from 10-1-2007 until 12-3-2007.

Here is how these break down by price.

  • 0-250K         –  13 Expired
  • 251K – 500K – 56 Expired
  • 501K – 750K – 42 Expired
  • 750K and up – 32 Expired

We had a total of 280 listings expire during the same period this year.

Here is how these break down by price.

  • 0-250K – 96 Expired
  • 251K – 500K – 25 Expired
  • 501K – 750K – 70 Expired
  • 750K and up – 89 Expired

You can see by the numbers above the homes priced from 500,00 and above have struggled the most to get sold.

In my opinion, the Real Estate World is changing.  Traditional ways of marketing homes are becoming a thing of the past.  Pick up some of the usual trade magazines in the area and compare them to 2 years ago and they are thinner by half in a lot of cases.  However, if you spend time on the internet trying various searches you will see more and more agents are now trying to gain an online presence.

Here at Real Living In Style, I work hard to get all of our agents concentrating on thier online presence by blogging and/or enhancing the free website builder that Real Living gives it’s agents.  I think it is so import that I have written a ‘how to’ eBook on blogging. I give it to our agents for Free and sell it online for under $10 dollars here.

Also, creativity is the sign of the times when it comes to marketing.  I believe it goes beyond even pictures and Virtual Tours.  I like to use of slide shows and Photo Stories with voice over so we can point out important aspects that may be missed by the naked eye.

Below is an example of some of the things we try to do to market homes. We need to pull out all the stops when it comes to getting buyers in the home.

Note: This is a home that I am marketing for clients in Mooresville NC.

For another look at the beautiful Lake Norman Home, check out the slide show!

CLICK HERE to See A Slide Show of this Beautiful Lake Norman Waterfront Home

Click here for details about this beautiful Lake Norman Waterfront Home
Real Living In Style at Lake Norman

If you have any questions about Lake Norman Real Estate,please contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 or by email.
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