Posted by: Roby Robertson | December 10, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate;What Can your Agent do for you?

Lake Norman Real Living
So your agent has a website. Now, I have to ask, can you find it?  The real estate world is changing rapidly and your agent must be able to change with it.  Recent articles are talking about the demise of the old traditional ‘desk fee’ brokerages.  While I may not agree that they will become extinct, the traditional Realtor may become extinct. 

The Internet dominates our world now.  Most people are looking to the Internet for just about everything, especially real estate.  Just having a website is not enough.  Realtors and/or Brokerages need to put more time, effort and money into web advertising instead of print media.  While real estate magazines will not go away, they are ever increasing a web presence to go with the print advertising.  This is a must!

So what can your agent do for you. 


There are the obvious things like enter it into the MLS, take pictures and communicate with all the agents in the area about it’s availability.

I believe that your agent needs to blog or have the capability of the home seller pointing out his/her favorite aspects of the home.  It is basically like giving the seller and opportunity to talk to the buyers.  I use my blogs and I also create voice over video to point out things buyers might miss while viewing online.  I believe the agent has to give information about the surrounding area.  I use video for this as well.  Both of these examples can be found on this blog and on my Lake Norman Youtube account.

More importantly, agents must position their web presence so that it can actually be found via search engines.  This is what sets some marketers apart.  Social Network and Bookmarking sites are imperative in the efforts of raising search engine ranking. Below are two examples of the many that I use to bookmark this site and attempt to raise the ranking of my site.  Currently I have had over 15,000 visitors and and the number is on the rise.

So, what do these bookmarking and social sites do for you.  1.)  They raise the ranking of the website being linked.  (like this one).  Raising the ranking helps your home and the surrounding area to be seen via this website.  2.) It is another forum for advertising your properties.  Click on the images and you can see examples of the kind of things we can accomplish.

Lake Norman Real Agent uses Squidoo

 Click on the images to get an idea of what we can do on these sites.

Lake Norman Agent Uses Hub Pages

For Buyers

Agents need to provide the traditional good service to their clients.  Things like providing lists of properties, comps, area information as well as providing negotiating strength.  On top of that, we need to be able to provide a one stop shopping online to provide important information.  We also need to be able to make it easier to communicate and pass documents and listings easily.  I can do that through a Real Living 2.0 account that we set up for this and the blogs I maintain. 

Lake Norman's Real Living In Style Helps you get Organized

 Also, using the social bookmarking sites like the ones mentioned above, I place Lake Norman Area information in many different places.  Lastly, I think we need to make finding properties easier without forcing sign ups.  For example on the right side of this blog, there are already pre-made Lake Norman Area searches making it easier to review properties. 

If you need additional information on any of these homes, please feel free to contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 or by email.

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