Posted by: Roby Robertson | December 27, 2008

Lake Norman Real Estate; December Hot Sheet

Here are Your Lake Norman December 2008 Statistics

Single Family

New Listings: 272
Back on Market: 153
Pending: 111
Sold: 115
Withdrawn: 145
Contingent/Conditional: 42


New Listings: 43
Back on Market: 23
Pending: 15
Sold: 15
Withdrawn: 32

Here is some added information that I found interesting.  Of the sold single family homes, the average days on the market was 141 and the average sold price to list price was 93%.  For Condo/Townhomes, the average days on the market was 100 and the average sold price to list price was 100% (NOTE: this was due mainly because of 8 of the 15 were new construction that sold at 100% or better of list).

What does this mean? 

For buyers it means everything.  We have seen interest rates as low as 5% in the past few weeks. Some of the experts are suggesting that they may get down into the mid 4% range if the Federal Reserve moves forward with one plan to infuse money to lenders by purchasing large quantities of debt and mortgage backed securities issued by Fannie May, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae.  Couple this with all the inventory, 425 Single Family Homes and 66 Condo/’Townhomes brought on the market in December alone means LOTS to choose from!

 For Sellers  it means competition!  Price and curb appeal mean everything.  Getting buyers into the house is priority one.   Once in the home, it needs to be, well in a word, awesome!  There is so much competition that it has to stand out.  I was watching television today and one of the experts being interviewed made these points exactly.  I was also pleased to hear her say that picking a tech savvy agent is also becoming a must.  2 out 3 buyers find the home they buy on the Internet! This is a fact I agree with.  Be sure you find an agent that has the know how and ask them how they market online!   This is truly a team effort!  We must be creative only and also maintain the home in a way that it will stand out!

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