Posted by: Roby Robertson | January 8, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate; What Does It All Mean?

I have been reading alot the past year or so about the real estate market and to be honest, I find it very confusing.

I mean what does it mean when we read that there is about 24 months of inventory.  I really don’t know how that helps a buyer or a seller.  I look at numbers all the time for my clients but that one baffles all of us.  Percentages of decline, while interesting to some, can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood so they don’t help very many with individual decisions.  I have found the media loves to spout the negative statistics.  I prefer to look at the positives because there are some and each case is different.  I will leave the negative and numbers to the media and those that love numbers.

Let’s face it.  Buyers want to find a house they will love and can call home.  What we do understand is that it is a buyers market and interest rates are still very low.  Now that has meaning.  2-3 years of inventory does not tell me anything except the person saying it sounds smart.  I try to follow the KISS method which we all realize means Keep It Simple Stupid.  If I am helping someone find a home, let’s look at financing first.  Let’s then find an area that is suitable.  A part of the suitability is how the area homes are retaining value.  I don’t want someone to buy in an area that values are falling faster than speeding bullet. Can we lock into an interest rate and for how long. Are schools important?  These are things that are meaningful to my buyer clients.  They could care less about statistics unless it pertains to their circumstance.

 The stats do mean more for sellers but I still contend that the numbers that are important are the ones that pertain to my little corner of the world.  I am honest with sellers with things like price and average days on  the market.  Again, years of inventory and percentages of last month to this month don’t help them allot except to reinforce expectations.  

I come from a background of teaching and training.  I approach every client with this in mind.  I can try and make myself look smart but I would probably fall on my face and make myself look foolish.  I am going to take the common sense approach to get the job done the very best I can!

I will end it with this.  Houses are for sale and I am sure there is one for you.  Also, houses are selling( for you sellers).  It is taking longer in most cases but it is not impossible!!

If you need additional information about Lake Norman area Real Estate, please feel free to contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 or by email.

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