Posted by: Roby Robertson | January 31, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate;No Cost/Low Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Need to Sell Your Lake Norman Home?

Our recent Realtor Magazine had an article about Home Staging that I believe to be helpful to my sellers and others wanting to sell their homes.

In this highly competitive market, every little improvement can help you sell your home.

Here are 8 No Cost/Low Cost ways to Spruce up things. 

Move It 
Simply rearranging the furniture can re-energize a room. Add and remove furniture, lamps, rugs and accessories from other parts of the house to create a whole new look. Mirrors are particularly useful when it comes to updating a room. Sometimes just moving a mirror can create a welcoming feel.

Plant It
Houseplants are underrated component that can add texture, warmth an color to any room. Just drop plants in their store containers into decorative planters. Group plants of differing colors, heights and fullness for the most dramatic effect. Be sure to eliminate scraggly plants and only keep those that are well maintained and in good condition.

Paint It
Paint is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to make a substantial impact. Use dramatic colors in power rooms and dining rooms and more neutral colors in living areas. Don’t go too crazy wit colors. Always try to put yourself in the shoes of that buyer.

Organize It
Clutter happens over time and homeowners become oblivious to it over time. However buyers can get overwhelmed by it. So, neaten up! Hooks and shelves inside doors give a place to hand coats and keys, while canvas bins or natural baskets help contain magazines and mail.

Hide It
Have a banged up wall? It may be easy to camouflage. Paintable wallpaper( available for as little as $16.00 a roll) will smooth uneven wall or hide minor dents and dings. For more adventurous owners, you can use a step process of base and glaze. REMEMBER: Your intent can NEVER be to mislead buyers; you must disclose flaws that affect home values.

Replace It
Cabinet handles, switch plates and other small pieces of house hardware can update a home for just a few dollars a piece. Inexpensive quick-connect faucets can make upgrading a look in your bathrooms a snap. Fresh towels and a new toilet seat go a long way to making a bathroom feel clean and new.

Light It
Lighting can have a major impact on a home’s look and feel. Light is such a mood setter. Add dimmers if possible and just turning the lights down can create a cozy feel. Add dimmers in the dining room, bathrooms, kitchen and even hallways for less that $4 each.

Clean It
Turn a critical eye to flooring to make sure it’s up to snuff. Scrub grout. Rub out scratches and nicks on wood floors with scratch cover. Don’t forget about baseboards. Believe it or not, buyers pay close attention to this stuff. It these are clean buyers know the home is well maintained.

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