Posted by: Roby Robertson | February 27, 2009

Lake Norman;Learn To Navigate Around It And Decide Where to Live

lake norman map
Lake Norman is a very large lake and and has numerous personalities. Use this high level explanation and decide where you best fit.

SouthEast Side of Lake Norman

The south east side of Lake Norman is made up of Cornelius and Huntersville in Mecklenburg County. Davidson is more to the east side but since it is in Mecklenburg County, I will include it here. This area is very established and is highlighted by Birkdale, Birkdale Village, The Peninsula and the quaint Davidson College area.

You will find that many of the locals talk about the lake on this side in terms of exit numbers off I77. Davidson resides predominately at exit 30, while Cornelius is exit 28 and Huntersville exit 25.

If you like tons of activity,golf, shopping and lots of subdivisions to choose from, this could be an area to your liking.

Northeast Side of Lake Norman

This side of Lake Norman is dominated by Mooresville. Mooresville is actually seperated by I77 and is made up of the Lake Norman side and the town side. Mooresville in recent times has grown tremendously and has the traffic to show for it. Attempts are being made to alleviate some of the issues. Some highlights of Mooresville are The Point, The Harbour,Harbor Cove, NASCAR teams and Morrison Plantation to name a few.

Mooresville is accessed from I77 via exit 33 and 36. Residing in Iredell County, this area is known for very low taxes, good schools, money(Not entirely true but reputations are hard to lose)  and numerous other subdivisions to choose from.

North and Northwest Side of Lake Norman

North and Northwest of Mooresville, are the towns of Troutman and Sherrills Ford. These areas have lagged behind in development compared to Mooresville, Cornlius etc. but is definately on the rise. With a rural feel, this area has some great areas that are secluded and very private. While new development is definately in the plans, there are areas in Troutman and Sherrills Ford that will remain very private for many years to come.

If you are looking for the privacy away from daily traffic and subdivisions this might be your kind of place. However do not rule this area out if a subdivision is what you want because you do have those to choose from. This area is accessed from I77 at exit 42 and exit 36 (traveling west on Hwy. 150).

Note: If you have a commute into Charlotte, this area might not be the best location for you depending on your tolerance for commute times.

South, West and Southwest Side of Lake Norman

The South side of Lake Norman has the McGuire Nuclear Station and the Cowans Ford Dam. This area is still somewhat under developed except for great areas like Cowans Ford Country Club. If you like golf and a nice inexpensive club, you will want to look here.

The West and Northwest side of Lake Norman is made up of Denver and Lincoln County. This is another area of the lake that has lagged behind in development and will be an area for new development in the future. The best known subdivision in this area is Sail View. Highway 16 runs north and south in Denver and definitely has a very rural feel. Many opportunities exist in the area for quiet leisure living. Numerous subdivision are scattered around in Denver.

Just west of highway 16 is the construction of New Highway 16 with 4 lanes and much quicker access to Charlotte, the airport and North to Hickory and I40. You can imagine with the new highway going in, there is a lot of future development on the horizon. One of my favorite communities and golf courses resides in Denver, just west of the new highway 16. Verdict Ridge is a great quiet but large community built around one of my favorite courses.

Lastly, you will notice that from Mooresville you can go directly to Denver by traveling highway 15 west to highway 16. This ride will go from luxury development up to the 150 bridge to very rural the rest of the way. However, this corridor is also targeted for a lot of future development.

There you have a very high level explanation. If you would like more a detailed analysis, please contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 or by email.

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