Posted by: Roby Robertson | February 28, 2009

Lake Norman;What Size Boat Should I Buy?

On Lake Norman the size boat you buy is an important decision

In 1997, My family moved to a Lake Norman Community and purchased a home in The Harbour. Our home came with a deeded boat slip and we decided we wanted a boat to put in the slip. Not knowing a lot about
boats and not having a lot of budget for this item, we purchased a 17 foot open bow sport boat.
Lake Norman Sport Boat

It did not take long for us to figure out that on the busiest Lake Norman days, we needed a bigger boat. You see, Lake Norman has a lot of boat traffic. With boat traffic comes some rough water. In 1997, I was told that the average boat size on Lake Norman averaged at about 21ft.

Lake Norman Pontoon boat
Once we made the decision to get a bigger boat, we decided to look into a pontoon boat. These are great boats for entertaining. This is one type boat you will see on Lake Norman often. Most of the ones you will see are about 25 feet in length.

 Lake Norman Sailing

Other type boats you will see a lot of are Sailboats. There are clubs and on some beautiful days you will see hundreds of sailboats participating in one of their events.



 Lake Norman Luxury Boat

Being a very large lake, Lake Norman also has it share of Luxury Boats of all types and sizes. I have seen boats that are in excess of 40 feet cruising this lake and the wake they create can really bounce a small boat around.

 At last check, I was told that the average size boat on Lake Norman now exceeds 24 feet. If you are serious about buying a boat for use on Lake Norman, you should consider the length as one of your major factors in the decision. This will help ensure an enjoyable experience.

If I can help you at all with your Lake Norman Real Estate needs, please feel free to contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051 or by email.


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