Posted by: Roby Robertson | March 14, 2009

Lake Norman Area Real Estate;Community Update on Larkin

Being a native of the area, it amazes me at the growth we are seeing in the lake norman area.  In the mid 1970’s I was in high school and living in Winston Salem which is about an hour from lake norman.  I was fortunate to have a friend whose father owned a home on the lake.  As high schools kids, it was a great getaway.  Interestingly the only place to go was to cruise a Hardees in Mooresville.

Charlotte seemed, at that time to be hours away.  In reality, Lake Norman is about 25-30 minutes from the uptown area.  We speak a lot about travel on the east side of lake norman in terms of exit numbers on I77.  With uptown Charlotte being around marker 9-10, Mooresville(exit 33, 36) is about 26 miles from Charlotte using the exit number, mile marker theory!

We never would have believed that development for our area would reach into Troutman and the exit 42-45 area!

Well we were all wrong,  Introducing Larkin!

Larkin – 900 acre mixed use development east of I 77 between Exits 45 & 49A – 3,750 residences including an active adult community, a hotel, 1 million square feet of retail, 250,000 square feet of retail, 250,000 square feet of offices and a wellness center along with 275 acres of greenways. 

In detail, here is how it breaks down (these are estimates):

Multi-Family:        1,780 dwelling units
Town Homes:         200 dwelling units

Hotel:  500 units
Retail:  1,000,000 S.F.
Wellness Center: 100,000 S.F.
Office:    250,000 S.F.

The total acreage to be developed will be approximately 529 acres. Also, there will be approximate open space of about 181 acres.  The open space will include parks, walking trails, and a pool. 

These are exciting times around lake norman. 

Got any questions about the area, please contact your Lake Norman agent at 704 451 7051.


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