Posted by: Roby Robertson | April 22, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate;Who Is Immune To Expired Listings

Lake Norman Expired Listings I recently had a lengthy discussion with a couple of agents and potential clients over coffee about real estate companies, expired listings and the marketing of homes.

The discussion, I believe, was educational for all involved so I thought I would share some of the points.  Basically, the discussion started when we were asked if bigger is better when it comes to real estate.

Lake Norman For Sale My company, Real Living In Style,is a national company but one that is still making a name for itself in the Lake Norman area. Given this information, the question seemed to be somewhat understandable.

While it is unethical to say anything about other companies in the area, I can say this. In the 1st quarter of 2009, in just the Lake Norman MLS area, 302 homes became expired listings. Of these 302, 108 homes were waterfront priced from $600,000 and above.

What does this say. It says that NO company is immune to expired listings. From big Nationally known firms, regionally known firms and small 1 and 2 agent firms, all homes can become expired if certain factors are in place.

We think the company does play a part. We do believe the company has to have Internet exposure that spans the entire U.S. and world. We also believe that the agent, in today’s world, needs to be marketing savvy that includes Internet marketing. It goes beyond what we used to do as agents.

Did you know that according to our real estate commission approximately 85% of real estate companies in N.C. have 3-5 agents or less. That is a lot of companies and they all can’t be failing to sell houses.

So, the next part of the discussion was where does Real Living fit into the big picture.  My answer actually was returned with a comment and question.  I stated that I thought the better question would be, ‘Where do Real Living agents fit into the equation.  Because after all, it is about the agent and client relationship which makes the sale of a home a success.

Lake Norman Homes for Sale
We believe that communication and understanding a wide range of marketing techniques are key.  Real Living has an award winning brand and fantastic agent tools to use technology. We understand that the Internet is king now, so we use all the tools at our disposal to expose and market homes.  Agents that put homes in the MLS and hope are not doing clients justice with all the tools now at our fingertips.  Also, we believe that we form a team with our clients so open and frequent communication is the best way to get the job done!

The last question was this: If a company has hundreds of agents with listings, won’t an agent showing property show the company listings first?

The answer is a resounding NO or should be a NO. When we search for homes in our MLS based on our CLIENTS needs, we do have the ability to search by company nor should we. We do not have any financial incentive for doing this nor should we. This is unethical and Real Living would never participate in this practice! We have a fiduciary duty to our clients and that supersedes any personal feelings.

All in all, our discussion went very well and we ultimately got the business.  Real Living In Style has numerous platinum listings(those above $500.000) and numerous under this amount.  Check them out at Real Living In Style.

Need any questions answered about your home or Lake Norman Real Estate?  Contact your Real Living Agent at 704 451 7051.


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