Posted by: Roby Robertson | April 28, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate;Increasing Your Home Value Using Nightscaping

We all know how important it is to upgrade the appearance of your home before it hits the market, as doing things like adding new appliances and landscaping your yard can add value and will go a long way in improving your odds of selling your home at the asking price. But oftentimes we find that a house’s lighting scheme is overlooked during the selling process, which is a shame because it can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to illuminating the exterior of your house. We’re going to explain why the right amount of outside lighting can go a long way in improving the value of your house and property.

The first reason why exterior lighting is important is simply because it makes your house easier to find. For a potential buyer, finding a new house at night can be difficult, especially if they are in an unfamiliar neighborhood. This can sometimes be the case even if they are accompanied by a realtor. Utilizing a lighted or reflective address plaque will make your house much easier to identify, and using lighted posts can mark your house as well. This can make a huge difference- the last thing you want to deal with is a potential buyer who is frustrated because he/she can’t find your house.

The right type of outdoor lighting also greatly enhances your house’s curb appeal as well. In this case, pathway lights can go a long way, while outdoor wall sconces will do a great job of illuminating your front entrance. Utilizing flood lights meanwhile will help show off your surrounding property, and perhaps the adjacent Lake Norman shoreline as well.

When it comes to selling a house, first impressions are always the most important one, which is why the importance of “nightscaping” cannot be overstated, as you’ll find that a lot of home visits will be at night or after working hours. Whether you decide to upgrade your sconces or security lighting, or decide to install pathway lights, you’ll find that the effects will outweigh any extra purchasing costs. The proper combination of lighting can help make a house appear more secure and inviting, both of which go a long way when trying to close a potential sale.


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