Posted by: Roby Robertson | May 5, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate;What Makes A Good Realtor

Lake Norman Realtors

I have been following some Internet postings recently about Realtors and the question posted in the title of this article.

 As you can imagine, there have been many opinions, some of which I agree and some I don’t.  Being a Real Estate Broker and owner of a firm, I am in constant study of elements of my profession that set is apart.

I believe I have found the article that articulates my feelings and beliefs 100%.   Having spent my entire professional career in the service industry, I have always felt that communication and making the client feel comfortable with my services to be of utmost importance.

The obvious things a good realtor has are market knowledge, technical skills (such as knowing the law, doing paperwork, negotiation) and the like.

However, as the article states, ‘Ease of Use’ or ‘Peace of Mind’ are paramount to the Client Realtor relationship.

We must be able to adapt to what gives our client these feelings.  If a client needs to be spoken to daily, then we need to speak to them daily.  Apart from the obvious knowledge, we have to make our clients feel as if  ‘ We are in good hands‘.

A quote from the article ”

Offhand, however, it occurs to me that most Realtors and brokerages focus most of their investment into getting more eyeballs on listings. There’s a lot more energy spent on thinking about random visitors from Google than there is on people who have entrusted their biggest asset to the agent. That might be a place to start.”

This sums up something we believe at Real Living In Style which serves the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas.  I pride myself in staying on top of everything that technology has to offer to real estate agents.  However, I what I spend the most time on is making sure my client has the ‘peace of mind’ needed to make the biggest decisions of their lives.

I have had experiences where I can’t get agents to call me back so I can imagine how the clients feel. 

This will not happen with me of our Real Living Agents.  If is does, it will be corrected immediately.

Give Roby Robertson or one of our Real Living Agents a call and learn what customer service is all about.


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