Posted by: Roby Robertson | June 9, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate | Three Biggest Seller Mistakes

Lake Norman For Sale

What Are The Biggest Mistakes Lake Norman Area Sellers Make?
Typically, these are Price, Condition, and Marketing !  The home must priced right, be it in good condition, and market it where buyers are looking.

This is where the biggest mistakes are made by both sellers and Real Estate Agents. (Note: these are all issues that we have addressed in the past)
1. The price of the home can’t be based on tax records.
2. The price of the home can’t be based on what the seller owes.
3. The price of the home can’t be based on tax what the seller needs to make.
4. The price of the home can’t be based on what the neighbors say.
5. The price of the home can’t be based on what the sellers co-worker (expert) tells them.
6. The price of the home can’t be based on try to recoup the exact value of upgrades done to the home.

The first thing a seller should do is think back to when they were looking for homes. What turned them on and what turned them away. In this highly competitive market the home has to outshine the competition. The first thing is curb appeal. Keep the lawn mowed, bushes trimmed and weeds pulled. This means front yard and back yard!

In the interior, remove the clutter. Wash the dishes and clean the counter tops. Please do not paint rooms bright bright colors. If you have done this for your children, you should consider repainting a more nuetral color. On a more controversial note! Please DO NOT smoke inside your home. I have seen this turn off more buyers than anything else. I have had them walk in and walk right back out. Smoking is a choice, but in this day and age, more don’t smoke than do!
Listen to your agent and the advice he gives!

Lake Norman Home Marketing

This is an area where things have really turned in the real estate industry. Choose and agent that is technology savvy and advanced. An agent that walks in with pretty pictures and brochures for the interior of the house is great, but how is he/she going to get them in the house? Ask them about web presence, blogging, social networking, Craigslist, linking sites and more. The statistical numbers of those that look online first keep getting higher and higher. How many of us have grandparents that now email!? The Internet is king and those of us that understand this have a better opportunity to get your HOME SOLD!

At Real Living  we are commited to family, innovation and results.  We strive to be innovative in our marketing which leads to prositive results.

If you have any questions about Lake Norman Area Real Estate, please feel to contact your Lake Norman Real Living agent at 704 451 7051.


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