Posted by: Roby Robertson | June 16, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate | Floating Docks and Deeded Boat Slips

Lake Norman Floating Docks and Deeded Boatslips

lake Norman deeded boat slips
At last count, there are 100 homes of various sizes, types and prices that come with a deeded boat slip. Deeded boat slip means that the bloat slip ‘runs with the home’ or is deeded to the property. These opportunities are great for many reasons. They add great resale value to the home. They give the owner direct access to Lake Norman and the owner typically is not directly responsible for upkeep. The maintenance is usually handled by the Home Owners Association. Typically the deeded boat slip is also a part of a larger dock with numerous slips.

The prices of homes with the deeded boat slips range in price from $277,500 up to over 3 million and are single wide and double wide trailers up to 6 bedroom luxury homes.  NOTE: When choosing a new home.  If the choice is to have or not have a boat slip, Grab it while you can.  It DOES add value to your Lake Norman home!

Lake Norman floating docks
Currently there are 381 active properties that come with it’s own floating dock. These homes range in price from $265,000 to 8 million. Additionally they come in all shapes and sizes just as the homes with deeded boat slips. Somethimes the floating dock does not have a boat slip and is just a pier. Resale value of the home and privacy on the dock are two big advantages of purchasing a home with a floating dock.

A few things to be on the lookout with both of these types of lake access. First the depth of the water. With deeded boat slips, the inner most slip could be dry docked in winter or during drought. The same can be true for floating docks. With floating docks, there can be issues with regard to upgrading. There are restrictions on the size of the dock and it’s proximity to a potential neighboring dock. Also in some communities, you are not allowed to put a roof over the dock. Be sure to research this before buying a home with dock you know you want to upgrade.

Lake Norman dry storage

Dry storage is another option you have for storing your boat and having access to Lake Norman.  There are some advantages to this method.  A simple phone call to the storage center can get your boat in the water and ready to go when you arrive.  Your boat is typically stored and winterized for you in winter.  Also, maintenance on your boat can typically be done right at the facility.  The average cost, at last check, was about $150.00 a month.  However, you should call around to verify these costs as they could have changed.

Are you in the market for a home on or at Lake Norman with lake access?  Contact your Lake Norman agent at 704 451 7051


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