Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 7, 2009

For Sellers| Lake Norman and Charlotte Area Short Sales

Lake Norman and Charlotte Short Sales

To Sellers:

My name is Roby Robertson and I am the broker/owner of Real Living In Style. I have access to a team of investors who are activly seeking to purchase homes in the area within the next 60 days.  The Lake Norman and Charlotte areas have been identified as a prime area to meet their objectives.


Are you  worried about losing your home to foreclosure? 

Have you missed a few payments?

If you have any interest in selling, please call me at 704 451 7051 let me know how we might help.

Here are some facts and questions you might need to know and answer.

1.  Have you exhausted all your options at trying to fix the existing situation.  We can give you advice in ideas to try and fix things first.

2.  Your credit is affected by a short sale.  Don’t let anyone tell you a short sales saves your credit. However, a short sale is better than foreclosure.

3.  Investors with experience have a far better chance of negotiating a short sale then a real estate agent.

4.  A short sale is a 3 step process that we can explain in detail and let you decide for yourself.

5.  The investors have access to have closed over short sale 400 transactions over the last 6 years. Check them out here.

6.  I do NOT represent the investors, I represent YOU!

If you are looking at alternatives, please give your Charlotte and Lake Norman Area Agent at 704 451 7051 and I will explain the whole process with no obligation on your part.  I can work in the entire Lake Norman and Charlotte areas with this process.

Did you know?

A short sale is less damaging to your credit than a foreclosure.  A seller’s credit is compromised for up to 10 years for a short sale or foreclosure.  However if a seller uses a short sale process, he only has to wait 2 years to apply for a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae loan.  If a seller goes through foreclosure, he/she has to wait 5 years.


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