Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 11, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate | Huntersville NC Ranked Number 2 By Forbes Magazine

From Huntersville Web Site:

Huntersville NC

Forbes Magazine recently announced America’s 25 Best Places to Move and the Town of Huntersville was 2nd on their list.

Forbes’ article highlighted the hot spots across the country for companies and their employees to re-locate.

“Relovilles,” as the article calls them are destinations for periodic relocation of major corporations to young, mid- and upscale suburbs near company headquarters and office parks in major cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta among others.

To locate America’s best places to move, Forbes looked at “Relovilles” with populations of 25,000 and over. Forbes used data from 2000 to 2007 Census records to identify the hot spots for places where people were born out of state or abroad, who had moved to town from a considerable distance within one and five years, and who had moved for a job.

Lake Norman Lake Living

Forbes also noted that the top 25 Relovilles that emerged from the analysis generally have twice the incomes, twice the home values and home sizes, twice the college degrees, twice as many youth and half as many elderly among other factors. The relative strength of the Charlotte housing market during the economic downturn was also referenced as a factor that could have contributed to Huntersville’s high ranking.

Buzzwords such as “tree-lined neighborhoods” “charm” and “small-town feel” were associated with many of the 25 communities identified.

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