Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 13, 2009

Lake Norman and Charlotte Real Estate | Choose Your Lender Wisely

I am working with a client that just has had an experience for the books.  This whole situation has changed my thinking entirely.

First let me say that I will not mention anyone or any company by name, but I will mention that my client contacted one of the big banks by filling out an online application.

The fun just began.  Client gets call from what we think is a salesperson in California.  (Oh, and I thought we were in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas) After a few conversations, this person working for the bank sends my client a ‘pre-qualification letter’ and tells them to go find a home!  

So… we go find a home. I purposely put the close date 60 days out because in this lending environment, you just never know.   Seller agrees to the contract but asks to move the close date.  Big bank salesperson, says absolutely no problem.  Contract gets signed on Friday.

Monday, big bank turns client down.  Big bank tells client ‘ We are not a credit reporting agency’ and refuses (no refuses with attitude) to even discuss why!

And OH BY THE WAY:  She had to get a referral and release from her current landlord of 6 years.  THANKS BIG BANK! 

So. What is an agent to do.  I called the person that can get things done if they can be done!  I will provide her website below.  She is on vacation,  crap!  However, being the person she is, she calls my client, has her do an application and to make this short, has her on a 60 day plan that will get her the loan.

 I am against going online randomly to find a lending institution.  There is no personal touch and certainly no real motivation to go the extra mile.  It is not about personal relationships with the big banks.  It, obviously from this experience, is about volume.

So, if you have a real estate agent and they recommend some lenders they work with, remember there is a reason they have recommend them.  It is about getting the job done and building and retaining relationships.  We DO NOT get kick backs for making these recommendations.  We do, however, help get families in homes!

If you want  a home with a personal touch, contact your Lake Norman Agent at 704 451 7051!

 Want someone that actually takes the time to help?  Visit one of my favorite lenders here! She can help you in Charlotte, Lake Norman and the entire viewing area!


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