Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 15, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate | Many Options To Buy And Sell Real Estate

Lake Norman Area Real Estate

Lake Norman RealtorAs a long time REALTOR in the Lake Norman area, I have learned that there are many different ways that buyers and sellers of real estate like to proceed.

Just like in everything and everyone in life, there are many personalities and techniques for making a major purchase like real estate. There are two extremes in the process. Some are impulsive and know right away what they want and when they have found it. Some take a lot of time ( the longest on record for me and a client is 2 years ). As you can imagine there is everything in between.

Most people starting out do not want to provide any personal information or often times provide information that is made up (never understood this one).

Buyers like to go to numerous different websites and peruse a tremendous amount of properties. Others will ask an agent to set up searches that are delivered to their email via our MLS gateway system.

People selling, most often, wait until time to sell and then ask an agent to do a Comparitive Market Analysis, while others watch the market and wait until the competition has sold and then they review the price(s) they sold for.

Armed with this information and experience, I have every tool at my disposal to allow all the different buyers and sellers of Lake Norman real estate to get what they need to make an informed decision.

For those Lake Norman Area buyers that will not sign up in any way until it is time to buy, we have free searches on our company website at Real Living In Style!  Note: Admittedly this search is someone limited in a couple area but can still be a powerful search engine.

Along with these tools, our Lake Norman Property Management division can assist you with finding rentals or renting your homes. 

Please contact your Lake Norman area agent at 704 451 7051 if you need any assistance with buying and selling real estate in the Lake Norman area.

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