Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 27, 2009

Lake Norman, Things You Should Learn About Buying and Selling Lake Norman Property

Lake Norman Area Real Estate

Buying Waterfront Property

On Lake Norman knowing the water depths is an important element of owning waterfront property. Water depths fluctuate in winter to sometimes drop 5-10 feet but on average around 6 feet.

Buying in a cove adds privacy but can be adversely affected by the fluctuating water depts.

Buying with beautiful open views sometimes have a lot of boat traffic. Be sure to understand this aspect of possible added maintenance of your dock due to erosion. 

When buying a home with an existing dock and/or pier make sure any upgrades or additions are allowed and/or grandfathered in. All docks are managed by Duke Energy and possibly HOA associations. For example some communities will not allow a roof to be added to the dock or only a certain amount of dock sq. footage can be covered.

Also, enlarging a dock might be prohibited because of it’s proximity to the neighboring dock. If you are in a cove the dock can not exceed certain distances accross the cove. If the home does not have a dock at all, make sure there is enough water frontage to will allow one. This is strictly managed. Lastly, there are protected foilagesthat prohibit putting a dock even when there is enough frontage. Be sure to check these things out.

Buying homes with deeded boat slips.

Typically boat slips can’t be traded because they run with the house and potentially the mortgage company could consider it to be a value changing event to the home. So, check to see where the deeded boat slips exist. If is on the inner most slip, understand that it could be landlocked in winter or during a drought.

Be aware of HOA dues for deeded boat slips. Typically these dues are over and above the normal HOA dues. Make sure that part of the HOA dues covers annual maintenance of the slips and keeping the lights around the docks on year round.

If you are choosing a home and deciding between a home with a deeded boat-slip and one without one. Do not second guess yourself. Buy the one WITH the deeded boat-slip. Resale value is definitely affected.

Ask yourself and things to consider:  Do you just want access or do you want views. (You pay for what you get!)   Do you want sunset views or sunrise views.  Even though sunset views can be beautiful they can also be very hot.  Sunrise views are also beautiful and you don’t get the heat from later afternoon.  

Boating and Maintenance

If you can afford to do so, be sure to install a boat lift for your boats. They will stay much cleaner, protect them from potential vandalizing.  Boat lifts are in categories of how much they can lift and hold. 

On busy lakes like Lake Norman, buy a boat at least 23 feet.  The average size boat on Lake Norman is between 23-25 feet and smaller boats get beat up pretty bad on busy boating days in summer. Make sure the boat has a depth gauge.  You will come up in shallow areas and lakes have stumps especially around islands.  You will want to know where these places exist.

If you sail and the lake is very large, make sure you buy a home that will not lock your boat by bridges around the Lake.  At Lake Norman, the north end of the lake would prohibit those sailing to sail to the main channel south of the 150 bridge.  There are a lot of bridges that can possibly affect this scenario.  Note: this can affect other tall boats.

 At Lake Norman, as in a lot of lakes in the south, winterizing of your boat is not terribly necessary.  We do not get sustained cold that would lock up and break motors.  Since our lake does not freeze over, this would be a time you would want to leave your boat in the water. 

Winterizing is a good thing from a maintenance standpoint because fluids are flushed and replenished.

Lake Norman is policed.  You will not be allowed to drive your boat drunk.  Eventually you will get caught and arrested.  This is not tolerated.  Hard liquor is not allowed on the boat.  No wake zones are prevalent and monitored.

Personal watercraft are allowed on Lake Norman with anyone age 13 and above.

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